CanO Water continues to revolutionise the drinks industry, this time in the South West.

July 4, 2017

The Venus Company ditches plastic bottle brands in favour of CanO Water in a bid to promote sustainability on the Devon and Cornwall coast.

CanO Water will be available to purchase across the company's picturesque food and events locations along the South West coast.


The Venus Company is already known for its positive stance on environmental sustainability. Co-owner of the business, Michael Smith expresses his enthusiasm for the brand, commenting: “Our commitment to loving the beach and the environment around it has always been one of our greatest passions. Now going into our 22nd year, we are as determined now as we have ever been, to do our bit to keep our oceans clean and protected for generations still to come. We are delighted to be the first South West stockist for CanO Water, which we feel will have a huge impact on minimising waste. CanO Water finally offers water with no plastic in a 100% resealable & recyclable can. So much friendlier to the oceans and our special marine life.”



More than five trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean, suffocating its inhabitants and destroying their habitat. We’re well aware of the situation: unless we collectively take action, in 30 years the amount of plastic in the ocean could outweigh the amount of fish. At this stage, complacency isn’t an option - we need to make small, tangible changes in our lives to protect the ocean for future generations and that starts with making ethical choices as consumers.


Made from aluminum which has the highest recycling rate of any drink on the market, our cans can be recycled and then back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks. Featuring a smart resealable lid that doesn’t affect the recyclability of the product, cans also provide a long shelf life by protecting the water from light, oxygen and other factors which can affect taste and on occasion,  product safety. The high level of pH 7.9 in the water together with high levels of alkaline concentrations add natural antioxidant properties to keep you feeling - and looking - fresher for longer.


After partnering up with Fraser last month, we are proud to be teaming up with The Venus Company to make a change. Our Co-founder, Ariel sums up our feelings perfectly:


“We’re so excited to launch CanO Water in the South West and, as a like-minded company with shared values, we are delighted Venus will be our first official Westcountry stockist.”


Check out the website for further insight into the company and its stance on sustainability.


Written by: Kate Tattersfield


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