60 Second Spotlight

September 8, 2017


This Week’s Headlines From the World of Conservation.




LADbible’s creative call to action


Earlier this week, King of Content and all-round cool guy LADbible called on the UN to declare the ocean’s collective mountain of trash - estimated to be about the size of France - as its own official country, naming it ‘Trash Isles’. The amount of rubbish is so huge it’s started to form land masses and is predicted to outweigh the ocean’s living inhabitants by 2050 (unless drastic action is taken). Many leading figures have already voiced their support, including Mo Farah and the nation’s first honorary citizen, Al Gore. Surf their content for more info on the campaign and become a citizen here.


Microplastic fibres discovered in tap water


In an exclusive for The Guardian, an investigation by Orb Media revealed that billions of people across the globe are drinking water contaminated with plastic particles, with 83% of samples shown to be affected. Previous studies of this kind have focused on plastic in our oceans, and this new study shows just how pandemic the issue is. Prof. Roland Geyer from the University of California and Santa Barbara led the study, and explains: “We are increasingly smothering ecosystems in plastic and I am very worried that there may be all kinds of unintended, adverse consequences that we will only find out about once it is too late.”




Germany doubles funds to fight air pollution


With Germany’s general election just over two weeks away, Angela Merkel is facing increasing pressure to curb the levels of deadly smog plaguing more than 90 cities across the country, or rile motorists - and voters - by facing a court-enforced ban on diesel cars. Current EU guidelines limit the amount of nitrogen dioxide per cubic metre to 40 micrograms - levels in Munich are double that. Merkel’s sustainability fund will allow local authorities to implement strategies to reduce diesel-associated pollution, but some environmental groups say it’s too little too late.  


Campaigner of the week: Wayne Lotter


Tributes continue to flood in this week for wildlife conservationist and activist Wayne Lotter, a co-founder of The PAMS Foundation who was shot dead by an unknown gunman last week in Tanzania. Lotter devoted himself to protecting Africa’s wildlife, working with communities across Tanzania to put an end to elephant poaching. Together with the country’s anti-poaching National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit , the PAMS Foundation played a  pivotal part in the arrest of major ivory traffickers and infamous poachers. Read more about Lotter’s work in The Economist.


China embraces sustainable alternatives


We’re pleased to announce that as of this week, CanO Water will be stocked in outlets across China, the seventh country to embrace environmentally-friendly alternatives to pervasive plastic bottles!


Written by: Kate Tattersfield


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